This practice area focuses on achieving the effective resolution of employment disputes, and on finding solutions to the complex issues that arise in relation to retirement funding for employees.

The appointment of the Pension Funds Adjudicator has opened a new avenue for the processing of complaints relating to, for example, the allocation of pension fund surpluses, the conduct of trustees, and members’ rights generally. We assist clients in dealing with these types of complaints and in making representations to the Adjudicator where necessary.

We advise clients on the interpretation of provident and pension fund rules and medical aid schemes. We supply legal advice on, and draft amendments to, these rules and assist in resolving disputes arising in terms of these rules.


Legal disputes concerning employee benefits issues are increasing both in number and nature and complexity.

Teresa Erasmus Attorneys is able to act on behalf of litigants in various dispute resolution forums including before the Pension Funds Adjudicator, the FAIS Ombudsman, the Long Term Insurance Ombudsman and the Financial Services Board Board of Appeal.


The transfers of businesses as going concerns usually involve the assignment of contracts of employment from one employer to another in terms of the Labour Relations Act.

The new employer is required to provide terms and conditions of employment that are overall no less favourable than those provided to the employees by their former employer.

Often new employers do not realize the full nature and extent of their obligations in this regard. Likewise, purchasers of shares in companies are often unaware of significant employee benefit obligations by those companies which can affect the values of their shares.

We are experienced in conducting due diligence investigations into employment and employee benefit obligations on behalf of potential purchasers. We can also draft or review relevant clauses in draft commercial agreements and assist potential parties to such agreements in their negotiations concerning employment law and employee benefit matters.

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